Jan 19, 2012

The Circus Returns This Weekend!

Oddfellows Playhouse Traveling Circus company will remount its new show Adscensio! on Friday January 20 and Saturday January 21 at 7:30pm.

Tickets are $15 for Adults and $8 for Students and Seniors.
You can purchase tickets online here, or call (860) 347-6143 for reservations

“Usually you expect to plan for inclement weather in the winter, you think that you’re biggest obstacle in scheduling a show on Halloween would be trick or treating” said Matthew Pugliese, Executive Director. Pugliese was referring to the Halloween snow storm that cancelled the Traveling Circus’ performance in October.

“The performers have been rehearsing since and really strengthening the show – they really are an amazingly talented and focused group of young circus performers”, commented Pugliese.

The newest circus from Oddfellows Traveling Circus Company is called Adscensio, taken from the Latin word for progress or ascent. The circus explores the advancement of the human race through time by celebrating the great discoveries of history – fire, the wheel, electricity, wireless communication – through the twinkling eyes of the circus. The nine performers, all between the ages of thirteen and seventeen, display their skills, training and vibrancy in a stunning collection of circus acts, including juggling, contortion, unicycling, roman ladders, acrobatics and physical comedy. The Traveling Circus is also available to tour and is currently accepting bookings. Inquiries can be directed to Matt Pugliese.

The Traveling Circus Company is comprised of students that have spent many years in the Children’s Circus of Middletown and CT School of Circus Arts, training under the direction of Dic Wheeler (ARTFARM) and Joel Melendez and Heidi Kirchoffer (Matica Arts). The company is comprised of Middletown residents Richard Carnegie III, Denzell Dempsey, Evan Knoll, Zachary Moeller-Marino, Nathan Linklater, Chris Wilkins , Durham Resident Rebecca Weir, Hartford resident Malaika King and Cromwell’s Jasmine Peck.

Students 12-20 interested in learning how to juggle, unicycle, stilt, balance, clown and perform acrobatics should be sure to catch the performance and register for the CT School of Circus Arts. Led by the creative circus artists of ARTFARM and Matica Arts, the program is the premiere youth circus program in the area. The winter/spring sessions focuses on training and skill development and concludes with the performance of an evening of original circus acts on May 25 & 26.

For more information, or to register for classes call, Oddfellows at (860) 347-6143 or log onto www.oddfellows.org.