Jan 11, 2011

Santaland Success

The special performance of Santaland Diaries December 15-18 was a great success, raising $4,700 to help Oddfellows Playhouse keep the doors open, the lights on and high-quality programming available to ALL students.

Thank you to everyone who put in their time and energy to make this production possible, especially Tony Palmieri, who strutted the stage in tights as the prickly elf, Crumpet. We hope everyone enjoyed Santaland Diaries as much as we did.

Santaland Diaries is just one of the many fundraising efforts on the part of Oddfellows Playhouse to help replace continually shrinking grant funding at the state level. Oddfellows Playhouse is committed to providing high quality theatrical programming to children, regardless of their financial situation. We thank all of our funders whose stable, continued support is making this possible - including Pratt & Whitney-Middletown and The Stare Fund.