Jul 21, 2008


After 20 years as an Oddfellows kid, staff member, and leader, Dominick Grant is leaving Oddfellows Playhouse, and the Playhouse Board of Directors is beginning a search for a new Managing Director. Grant has been Managing Director for the past 3 years and, together with Artistic Director Jeffery Allen, has been providing dynamic leadership for the organization. He is responsible for Oddfellows’ financial and administrative operations, was one of the founding members of Creative Juice, the Middlesex Chamber of Commerce’s new council for people in the arts and creative industries, and has been active in expanding Oddfellows’ role in the community.

A Playhouse alum who began his association with Oddfellows as a child and later as a member of the Teen Repertory Company, Grant has a long history of advocating for children, education, and social justice. This past season he led the Chatham Court Junior Troupe, one of Oddfellows Neighborhood Troupes, a program of free, after-school arts classes for at-risk youth. Grant served as the Playhouse’s Associate Managing Director and Program Manager before becoming Managing Director and has produced all of the Playhouse’s mainstage productions for the past 5 seasons. He is also an accomplished musician and served as Musical Director for Oddfellows’ 30^th Birthday revival of /Middletown Fantasia/ in 2005.

Grant is leaving his position at the Playhouse to pursue graduate studies but will remain in his capacity as Managing Director until the end of the calendar year. Jeffery Allen, Oddfellows’ Artistic Director, has been appointed Producing Artistic Director by the Board of Directors and will assume new responsibilities for producing Oddfellows’ plays. “I’ve been honored to serve such a great organization that touches the lives of so many different children of all ages in Middletown and beyond,” said Grant. “I’m confident that Oddfellows will continue to grow and thrive under a new leadership team.”

Oddfellows was founded in 1975 as a community-based, multicultural theater program designed to include children from all backgrounds. Today it is Connecticut’s oldest and largest youth theater, annually serving over 2,000 young people, ages 2-20. Oddfellows hopes to hire a new Managing Director by mid-October in order to have a transition period before Grant leaves. For more information, visit www.oddfellows.org.